Are you looking for affordable short-term health insurance?

We have the answer.

If you are between jobs, unemployed temporarily, a recent graduate or looking to travel, a short-term health insurance plan is for you! These plans cover you in the event of unexpected surgeries, accidents or long hospital stays.

When considering which short-term plan is right, keep in mind the duration of coverage needed, the amount of payments involved, and the kind of destination coverage required. Don’t risk finding yourself without insurance in the event of a catastrophic event, paying excessive medical bills for years. Protect your health and finances with an affordable, flexible short-term insurance plan.

Plans can last up to 11 months, depending on your individual need. The applications are quick and easy and can start in as little as 24 hours. At First Global Insurance Agency,  we shop for the best prices available. For Gap insurance, or gap health insurance please contact us now 888-251-5535 for a free quote!

Why you should buy short term health insurance:

  • Missed Obamacare enrollment and not qualifying for special enrollment
  • Lost of job or in-between jobs
  • Waiting for employer coverage to begin
  • Early Retirement
  • Working Part-time and not eligible for employers insurance plan
  • Graduating College or losing you school coverage
  • Short Term is a low-cost alternative to major medical but have similar benefits
  • Comes with a 10-day free look period following the coverage start date
  • PPO Network with over 850,000 participating physicians and 6,900 hospitals

Who We Are

First Global Insurance Agency has more than 20 years of experience in helping our clients navigate through the often tumultuous process of selecting an appropriate health care plan.

Our Goal for You

Our top priority is to educate you on the best health insurance coverage options available, and guide you toward the best and most comprehensive choices for you and your family.

How Can We Help

We have developed state of the art technology that connects us with all major carriers, giving us access to hundreds of plan options. We will connect you to the best plan for you and your family.