Are you covered by health insurance plan that has a high deductible?

Supplemental Insurance will help cover your deductible along with other costly expenses.

Supplemental Plans are extremely affordable with plans starting at just $24/month with no medical questions and guaranteed acceptance

What is Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental insurance helps cover what major medical insurance doesn’t. Having high deductible health plan, your  routine health  expenses may not be paid.  Having Supplemental Insurance can fill the gaps with an affordable solution to meet your needs. Supplemental insurance coverage include:

  • Critical illness protection
  • Accident reimbursement
  • Accidental death & dismemberment
  • Accident disability income
  • Term life

How does a Supplemental Plan work?

If you become critically ill or have an accident, it’s likely you will miss some work and accrue significant medical bills. Should a covered event or illness occur, supplemental policies pay defined benefit amounts that may be applied toward your expenses to help lower out-of-pocket costs. This can help ease financial strain and allow you to focus on recovery.
For example, upon diagnosis of a covered illness such as cancer, a critical illness plan will pay a lump sum cash benefit that may be used toward virtually anything:

  • Your health insurance deductible
  • Transportation to and from appointments
  • Living expenses
  • Experimental treatment
  • And more

Or, let’s say you need surgery that necessitates a hospital stay or undergo outpatient breast cancer radiation. Regardless of what your health insurance benefits cover, you will likely have a deductible and coinsurance to pay. A supplemental plan with inpatient and outpatient benefits can help reduce what comes out of your pocket.

By enrolling in the supplemental insurance plan, the individual becomes a member of CA (Communicating for America).

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