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Did you know?

• Accidents are one of the top five causes of death for adults ages 18-60.

• One person dies every 17 minutes in a car accident.

• 40% of work-related fatalities are due to transportation and highway incidents.


Issue Ages: 18 – 60 (gender/tobacco neutral)

AD Benefit Amounts: $50,000/$75,000/$100,000

Protector AD’s accidental death benefit is guaranteed to double over the first 20 years while premiums remain level and are guaranteed. The policy builds cash value which, after the 20th year, equals 20 annual premiums. At the end of the 20th year, a return-of-premium (ROP) option is available, and is based on the annual premium. If the ROP option is elected, the coverage terminates. Otherwise, coverage continues with annually increasing premiums.


There’s just one non-health question* on the Protector AD application:

“In the past three (3) years, have you had any participation in, or contemplate any future participation in any hazardous sport or aviation, or had your driver’s license suspended or revoked, or in the past five (5) years have you been convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated?:”

Examples of Acceptable Occupations:

• Policemen (limited to): municipal/armed guards/corrections officers

• Firefighters: municipal/volunteer

• Semi-drivers/Long-haul trucking

• Coal miners (surface workers/no explosives)

• Construction workers (no explosives/blasting)

• Medical professionals • Logging/Sawmill workers

• Postal workers

Examples of Declined Occupations:

• Aviation: pilot/crew

• FBI, CIA, SWAT teams, bomb disposal crews

• Active military

• Chemical/biological weaponry industry

• Explosives technicians/handlers

• Overseas security providers

• Professional athletes

• Racing

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